Things that have happened

Week of December 23

Bruce drove on to Tucson. He spent Christmas with his mother and family (see photo album). On the way back he picked up four dogs to dogsit.

Week of December 9

Saturday night Bruce went to an office party.

Week of December 2

Bruce's mother had an asthma attack and went back into the hospital.
Bruce attended a financial seminar.
Saturday Bruce spent the weekend at a friend's house doing plumbing and carpentering work. They went out to eat.

Week of November 25

Bruce's mother had another heart attack and was put back in the hospital for 4 days. Thanksgiving Bruce watch football on TV.
Bruce went to Tucson for the weekend. Bruce took his mother from Dorothy's home to her own home. Bruce stayed with her for the weekend to help Dorothy and Carol out.
While at his mother's hose he and Carol did odds and ends, repairs, cleaned out and re-adjusted the heaters

Week of November 18

Bruce's mother went back into the hospital. He got a call about 11 PM from Carol. His mother passed out and fell to the floor.

Week of November 4

Bruce went to vote.

Week of October 28

Bruce got another test drive certificate so he took another test drive of an Outlander. He tried to take two dogs but the salesman would not let the dogs go in the car.

Week of October 21

Bruce went to test drive an Outlander. Bruce entered a contest got certificates to drive the SUV. In return they got a CD and a gas voucher.

Week of October 14

Bruce worked on a friend's drip system. The first problem was the valve was not working. Bruce replaced the valve. Then he went to work on the drip system. It was clogged up with debris. The system was so clogged that water would not end flow through the supply hose. Almost all the drip hoses and drip heads were also clogged.

Week of October 7

Yard work. Bruce dug holes to transplant some new rose bushes he got from a friend's yard.
Tuesday Bruce attended a seminar at The Wrigley Mansion. He got breakfast and a tour of the Mansion.
Bruce went out for dinner that evening.
Bruce got his new joystick delivered. It is a Microsoft ForceFedback 2. He installed it and tried it out.
Over the weekend Bruce went to a friend's cabin Northeast of Payson (see picture in the photo album). They hiked the area, watched football, baseball and ate.
Over the weekend Bruce's mother went into the hospital because of a heart attack. Carol called over the weekend and left three messages - which of course Bruce did not get until Sunday night.

Week of September 30

Bruce took off Friday to remove and replace the air conditioning compressor on a friend's car. Saturday he evacuated and recharged the system. Seems to be working.

Week of September 23

Busy weekend. Gary, Carol and David came up from Tucson. They all went to a Wells Fargo Bank picnic. There was lots of food. After the picnic the people went to Bank One Ballpark to see a Diamondback baseball game. Bruce had to leave early leaving Gary and Carol and David at the game.
Bruce went to Phil's daughter's (Roberta) wedding (see pictures in the photo album). It rained just before the ceremony. The people moved the equipment inside then back outside for the outdoors ceremony.
The day ended about 10 PM. It was a full day.

Week of September 16

Bruce had to jury rig a lawnmower cable to get the lawnmower to run in order to finish up the lawn. Bruce drove over to Scottsdale to visit Bill and Terri. He had to drive back home in a heavy rain storm.

Week of September 9

Bad weekend! The trouble started Friday. Bruce went to cut a neighbor's lawn. The lawnmower died. Bruce put off fixing the lawnmower until the next morning when it would be cooler.
Bruce got up Saturday morning looking for the paper throughout the day. He came back in for coffee. turned on TV waiting for his Sunday morning TV shows. All day he kept believing it was Sunday.
He spent all morning fixing the lawnmower. He even had to make two trips to the parts store because not all the needed parts came in the carburetor repair kit as expected. He got the lawnmower to run but the control cable would not move freely.
One of the heater hoses on Bruce's car cracked. He would have to refill the radiator before each trip. He put off replacing the hose until Sunday morning when the temperature would be cooler.

Week of September 2

Bruce watched the U. S. Open, baseball and football on TV.

Week of August 26

Bruce watch sports all weekend. Bruce was upset because the U. S. Open was rained up Sunday and Monday and CBS ran reruns.
Gary and Carol came up to shop. They took Bruce out for dinner as a Birthday Present. Bruce was surprised.

Week of July 22

Seems that while Bruce was working on a friend's car he hurt his knee. He is in pain and can hardly walk.

Week of July 15

Bruce spent the week reading and studying Adobe PhotoShop books.
Bruce worked all week rebuilding and reinstalling a garage door opener for a friend.
Bruce spent the weekend working on a friend's car. He took apart the door, installed a new window switch and replaced the door parts (see the photo in the photo gallery).
One would think that all one would need to do is plug the new switch in and go-hell no! Bruce had to rewire the connector to make it compatible with the new switch.
Sunday night Bruce went out for an Oriental BBQ.

Week of July 13

Bruce went to Chippy's and Jeff's home for breakfast. They ended up spending 5 1/2 hours looking at pictures. The pictures were of Korea, family pictures, and Bruce's trip to the East Coast.
Sunday there was a bad storm that moved into the Phoenix are from Tucson and the southwest. The worst part of the storm centered over Sky Harbor Airport. The storm tore off a hanger canopy, drove an I beam into several jets. One 757 jet was damaged while parked at the terminal. Many airplanes were turned over. There was even a trash dumpster dropped onto a car in the parking lot. Power poles all over the city were snapped.

Week of July 1

Bruce met Gary, Carol, Harvey (Gary's brother) at somebody's house for a BBQ.

Week of May 20

Bruce went to the annual meeting for a bank he has stock in.
Bruce went on a two week trip visiting relatives and the Virginia-Maryland-Pennsylvania area.

Week of April 29

Bruce had a new CD-RW drive installed in his computer.
Bruce spent the weekend replacing the air conditioner compressor on a friend's car.
Bruce finished reading all the Window XP books and is now starting to study Adobe PhotoShop.

Week of April 22

The CD-RW door in Bruce's new Computer failed. He is to get a new one next week.

Week of April 15

Bruce got another bunch of books about Windows XP and is still studying Windows XP (see photo album).

Week of April 8

Bruce collected a bunch of books about Windows XP and has started studying and learning about Windows XP.

Week of April 1

The mouse on my computer stopped working. Bruce took it apart but the electronics are bad. They went and got an optical mouse on that was on sale.

Week of March 25

Bruce's cousin is in town visiting and watching spring training baseball games. Bruce had dinner with him Wednesday.
Seems that Bruce got a refund twice for his employee discount.

Week of March 18

Bruce had a lot of problems getting his new computer to perform.
Bruce spent the weekend in Tucson.

Week of March 11

Friday was a busy day. Bruce's new computer arrived Friday (see photo album). The door bell did not work. Bruce heard the door bell transformer humming and found out that the doorbell switch was stuck.
Sunday night Bruce had dinner with several friends.

Week of March 4

Bruce bought a new computer. He got a Compaq Presario 8000 (see picture). With Gary's help, Bruce and Gary researched computers on the internet for two hours looking.
Sunday night the family had a wonderful dinner at the same restaurant that Bruce ate dinner after his 1962 Psychology final test.

Week of February 25

Bruce had dinner at a friend's. Bruce spent the weekend working on a friend's car. He worked on the air conditioner and did a tune up installing new spark plug wires and plugs.

Week of February 18

Bruce was sick three days and did not go in to work. He played in the Senior Olympics and really got killed. He got blown away.

Week of February 11

Bruce made a quick trip to Santa Fe for the weekend. Bruce and some people from Santa Fe meet for dinner.

Week of February 3

Bruce started to get a group together to invest and buy some Kmart stock. He started the effort when the price was 85 cents per share. As the effort moved forward and people got interested the price went to $.95. The target price was to be $1.20. Then all in one day the price went to $1.35; Bruce lost interest at that point.

Week of January 28

Bruce watched the Super Bowl game. He thought it was a good game.
Bruce took a friend's dog in to the veterinarian Tuesday for dental work. The dog had her teeth cleaned. She also had three teeth pulled. Bruce also had the veterinarian take off the growth that was not removed during the dog's last surgery. While Bruce had the friend's car, he worked on the car trouble shooting a roughness in the engine and put new brake pads on the rear brakes.
Bruce's Mother had an accident. According to Bruce's sister Carol Bruce's Mother passed out. As she was falling she hit her shoulder on something and broke it. She is still in the hospital awaiting test results.

Week of January 20

Big week!
Bruce made travel reservations to go back to the east coast (see itinerary).

Week of January 13

Bruce cancelled the order for the new computer system.
Bruce went to see the Titanic exhibition on display at the Arizona Science Center.
Bruce played in a tennis tournament over the weekend. His partner was not very good, too many double faults, and no power on his shots. They won their only match because one of the opponents had a heart attack and had to default.

Week of January 6

Bruce bought a new computer system to replace me.
Friday night Bruce and a friend went out for the evening to have dinner both to celebrate a delayed New Year's Eve dinner and to celebrate the new computer that Bruce at very well known restaurant in Scottsdale. While they were having dinner Bruce spotted Bob Uecker. Sitting with Bob Uecker was a very big colored person. Seeing that this person was sitting with Bob Uecker Bruce thought that it might be a football player. Bruce walked over and then asked the man what his name was. It turns out that the man was retired basketball player, Hall of Fame Bob Lanier. Bob Lanier and Bruce had about a 2 minute conversation about sports. Bruce asked his friend if she would like to stand next to Bob Lanier, who is 6 ft. 11 and half inches tall. His friend chickened out.

Bruce and I wish you a most happy New Year and hope you had a joyful holiday season!!!!!!!!

Week of December 30

New Year's eve did not go as planned. First plan was that Bruce was to have dinner with Gary, Carol, and several other friends. Carol was on call. Then dinner plans never got completed. Then one of Bruce's friends didn't feel like going out and ended up going to sleep at 6:30 leaving Bruce to watch football and sports. Bruce woke his friend up at 11:53 and they took a walk around the neighborhood looking at Christmas lights and fireworks. They stayed up to about 1:30 before they called it quits.
New Years day Bruce had three TVs going watching all the football games.
Thursday turned out to be real frustrating day. Earlier in the week Bruce went to seven different car dealerships trying to get tickets for the Phoenix Auto Show. Well after collecting enough tickets for a group, arrangements were made for Gary, David and Bruce to go to the show. Friday Gary and David came up from Tucson. David was sick and not feeling well. Bruce and Gary went to the local library to search the internet for a new replacement computer for me. Then Gary, David and Bruce then went downtown and had trouble finding a parking spot. Well after a while they all walked over to the car show. The visit was shortened because David were not feeling well so it was decided to leave the show after a very short stay.
Saturday afternoon Bruce attended a co-worker's wedding held downtown outdoors at Heritage Square. The wedding started an hour and a half late. Because the weather was cold he left shortly after the ceremony.

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